NIH-3T3 (DAPI: Nucleus, GFP: Tubulin, mCherry: Actin)
홍기현 토모큐브 대표 “3D 홀로그래피 현미경 개발…세포 빅데이터로 질병 예측”

CAR (Chimeric antigen receptors) T-cell kills a cancer B cell

Immunotherapy is one of the most promising ways to treat cancer. Many scientists in universities and pharmaceutical investigate chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T- cell, immune cells engineered to recognize and kill cancer cells, to treat leukemia and other tumors.

Please watch the movie of how CAR T-cell kills a cancer cell. This is the first label-free 3D live cell imaging of CAR T-cell. TOMOCUBE‘s HT-1H was used. Movie was produced via a collaboration between Chan Hyuk Kim group (Biology/KAIST) and YongKeun Park (Physics/KAIST)

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