Future tech: Holographic microscope visualizes living cells in 3D
[미래기업포커스]토모큐브, 3차원 세포 관찰 홀로그래피 현미경 개발

Holographic Microscope Allows Stain-Free 3D Imaging Of Live Cells

This microscope, named holotomography-1, could potentially transform how cell observation is performed.

AsianScientist (Apr. 4, 2016) – Professor Park YongKeun of the Physics Department at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and his research team have developed a powerful method for 3D imaging of live cells without staining. Their 2D/3D/4D holographic microscope, named holotomography (HT)-1, allows for real-time label-free visualization of biological cells and tissues.


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