About Tomocube, Inc.

Tomocube’s is dedicated to delivering products that can enhance biological and medical research via novel optical solutions that can assist Tomocube in understanding, diagnosing, and treating human diseases.
Current optical microscopes only provide users with a 2D view of their sample. To get a 3D view, users must use expensive and invasive electron or confocal microscopes, which require extensive pre-preparation of samples and are not amenable to dynamic samples such as live cells. Our platform enables researchers to measure nanoscale, real-time, dynamic images of individual living cells without the need for sample preparation.

Our product, the HT-1, measures 3D refractive index tomograms of live cells and tissues, which will enable researchers and clinicians to:
(1) non-invasively observe label-free 3D dynamics of live cells and tissues (2) retrieve unique cell properties including cell volume, shapes of sub-cellular organelles, cytoplasmic density, surface area, and deformability and (3) quantitatively study cell pathophysiology and efficacy of drugs.

HT-1 uses states-of-the-art digital holographic techniques, quantitative phase imaging techniques and 3D reconstruction & cell analysis algorithms in order to display high-resolution 3D refractive index tomograms of cells.



Kihyun (Kenny) Hong

Mr. Kihyun Hong co-founded Tomocube and serves as CEO. Mr. Hong graduated from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in 1996 majored in Management Science. He is a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in industrial optical inspection & measurement business. Previously, he had founded two venture companies and successfully exited. He has been leading the company with strong leadership and extensive operational experience in a startup environment and multinational organization.


Yongkeun (Paul) Park

Dr. YongKeun (Paul) Park co-founded Tomocube and serves as CTO. Dr. Park is also Associate Professor of Physics at KAIST. He earned a Ph.D. in Medical Engineering from Harvard-MIT Health Science and Technology. Dr. Park has published ~100 papers in peer-review journals including Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, PNAS, Trends in Biotechnology, and his work has been cited +4,000 times. Dr. Park also serves an Editor of Experimental Biology and Medicine, Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), Optics Express, and Journal of Optical Society of Korean. To learn more, visit his website: http://bmol.kaist.ac.kr.


Hweon (Eliot) Park
VP, Sales

Eliot Park serves as VP of Sales & Marketing. Eliot has experience in bioresearch field for 16 years, especially in bioimaging. Before joining Tomocube, he had worked as the product and project manager of Confocal microscopy team in Carl Zeiss Korea. While in Carl Zeiss microscopy, he established Yonsei-Carl Zeiss imaging center. He was A-team member of Newton project which was a development team for the new confocal microscope and finished Junior Leadership Program, a nominated global management course in Carl Zeiss group. He received a Ph.D. in Molecular Medical Science at Korea University.

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