We offer stage-top incubator for long-term live cell imaging. This incubator will help users to do long-term live cell imaging by providing physiological conditions for long time measurements.
It can regulate temperature and pH during your time-lapse cell experiments to give you the most accurate live cell results.

The incubator creates optimal cell growth conditions by controlling temperature and pH. The main body of the incubator is a heating plate which precisely maintains the temperature of cells. In the cover of the incubator, there is a hole and heater. The hole fits condenser lens size not to mix inner air with outer air and the heater helps to control the temperature.



This very compact anti-vibration plate which can be mount on any tables prevent the microscope from various types of vibrations in all directions by two patent pending methods: vertical isolation
(magnetic isolation technique) and horizontal isolation (suspension mechanism)

The new technology for vibration isolation different from existing ways using the air damping or springs applies to Tomoplate.
Horizontal vibration isolated by flexible wires connecting magnetics inner to outer structure.
· Vertical vibration isolated by the repulsive force between magnetics to support the loaded weight and to prevent vibration transmission.


Considerable reduction of the vibration transmission contributes to microscopic imaging experiments extensively.

None of any peripheral devices is required such as pressurized air tank or air compressor.

Height adjustment of the isolation module by using knobs or a hexagonal wrench.

Efficient installation in a very small space.


(x-axis (Log scale), y-axis (Linear scale))

Vertical Direction
Frequency Response H1(laser, hammer) – Input(Magnitude)
Working : Input : Input :FFT Analyzer

Horizontal Direction
Frequency Response H1(laser, hammer) – Input(Magnitude)
Working : Input : Input :FFT Analyzer


We provide special dish for live cell imaging. This is designed for excellent optical quality helping to promote healthy cells and reproducible results for live cell imaging.