Bacteria Analysis

Tomocube's Bacterial Cell Counter offers faster and more accurate bacterial analysis using RI-based counting compared to traditional labor-intensive and delicate methods.


image live bacteria directly without labeling probes

High 3D resolution imaging

enable imaging of bacteria sized down to 0.2μm

Quantification based on RI

calculate volume and mass of bacteria

Single cell quantification

quantify lipids in live bacteria without any preparation

Batch counting and quantification

automatically process multiple data with one click

Time-lapse imaging of live bacterial growth

K.Pneumoniae Ampicillin treated

K.Pneumoniae Control

Key Software Features

Individual Bacteria Detection

Bacteria exist in colonies, making it difficult to identify individual bacterium.
BCC (Bacteria Cell Counter) automatically detects and counts single bacterium.

Customizable counting parameters

Selectively choose bacteria of spheroid or ellipsoid shape, or bacteria within specified diameter and length

Generates batch reports

Batch report provides volume, mass and bacteria cell count. Also calculates bacteria concentration in a solution if given sample volume and dilution factors.
Tomocube_Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging_Holotomography_Bacteria
Tomocube_Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging_Holotomography_Quantification Volumn and Dry mass


Application note

Innovate the way we see life