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Observations of cellular morphology and activity are typically based on labeling of target molecules. These methods are invasive, affect the nature of the target molecules and potentially interfere with their biological relevance. In addition, these forms of label are not effective in providing quantitative information. The tools used to visualize labels are generally damaging to cells as often laser-based illumination is used to excite fluorochromes which in turn causes phototoxic damage to the cells. 

The “holy grail” of imaging is to visualize cells without labeling to ensure the cells behave and grow normally. Holotomography (HT) does this by capturing the intrinsic light scattering properties of cellular materials using very low levels of light intensity, just enough to allow the light to pass through the cell. In doing so, the refractive index (RI) information of structures within the cell can be collected and selectively pseudo-colored to reveal the cell and its organelles. 

In capturing the RI distribution, the Tomocube HT-X1 Holotomography can also provide quantitative data in 3D such as the volume, surface area, and dry mass of cells and their intracellular structures. 



TomoStudio X

Image acquisition


High resolution, high contrast, and high sensitivity

Large captured fields

Programmable multi-well plate imaging

Laser autofocus for well-to-well reproducibility

Low noise, speckle-free imaging with no calibration step

Bioimaging made quantitative

Integrated incubation for long term timelapse

Integrated 4-channel FL light engine (Blue, Green, Red, Far red)

Correlative holotomography with 3D fluorescence

True multi-dimensional imaging across time, space and modality

System Configuration

1. HT-X1 main unit

 – Holotomography illumination

 – Detection

 – Sample holder

 – Environmental chamber

 – Positioning stages

 – Fluorescence light engine

2. Environmental control unit

 – External controller for temperature and gas


3. Software

 – TomoStudio X for control of acquisition

 – TomoAnalysis for data analysis and report

TomoStudio X 

As the control software for the HT-X1, TomoStudio X is designed to operate the system as you design the experiment. TomoStudio X offers flexible workflows for multi-dimensional image acquisition of holotomography and fluorescence in multi-well imaging conditions. All the essential control and status of the system are displayed all at one glance.


Data acquisition

Experiment setting

Timelapse sequence

Selected Images


Hep3B (Human liver cells)​

3D sectioning

Adherent cell

Suspension cell

Correlative HT to FL

Holotomography and Fluorescence


Long term timelapse

MCF7 (Breast cancer cells)


3T3–L1 (Mouse fibroblast)


HeLa (Human cervical cancer cells)


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