Webinar: Holotomography applications

Holotomography Applications

Three-dimensional visualization of live cells is crucial for the investigation of numerous research topics in biology and medicine. Tomocube’s holotomography, also known as HT, is a laser-based holographic microscopy system, which can measure 3-D shapes of live cells without labeling. In this webinar, Prof. Park will present several applications, to which HT technology can bring impacts.


Prof. YongKeun (Paul) Park, CTO, Tomocube, inc. & Associate Professor, KAIST r. Park is Associate Professor of Physics at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Republic of Korea. He earned a Ph.D. in Medical Science and Medical Engineering from Harvard-MIT Health Science and Technology. He has been working on holographic techniques and their applications for biology and medicine. Dr. Park is also a co-founder of TomoCube, Inc., and Editors of Optics Express, Scientific Reports, Experimental Biology and Medicine, and Journal of Optical Society of Korean. To learn more about Prof. Park’s research projects, v isit his website: http://bmol.kaist.ac.kr

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