Tomocube to Enhance its Close Support for the US

As part of our ongoing strategy to bring sales and service as close to our clients as possible, we are enhancing our network of distribution partners in the US. This effort began pre-covid but in recent months we have been able to escalate the activity to bring onboard 3 additional partners helping us to cover all of mainland US.

Finding the right partners with knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment is always a difficult problem to overcome. Our focus has been on finding the best partners with the appropriate expertise to complement our current product offering, the Tomocube HT-2. Our search has been for partners experienced in microscopy with a team knowledgeable in the Biosciences across academia and industry and with an established network of contacts. This profile is essential to ensure the highest levels of service and support from initial contact to aftersales.

Alongside our existing partners, CTK instruments, Ragona Scientific, and Nobska Imaging, we are pleased to welcome W Nuhsbaum, Meyer Instruments, and Nexus Scientific. Microscopy knowledge and a strong background in Biology are critical to providing the best advice to assist our client base with their applications. Both Nuhsbaum and Meyer are long-established, having been representatives of major microscope companies.

Tomocube_Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging_Holotomography_Nuhsbaum

Nuhsbaum has been serving the mid-west out of their base near Chicago for over 40 years. They are steeped in microscopy has been a principal supplier of Leica microscopes during that period, though now transitioning over to supply Zeiss. As well as having a field-based team local to their customers, they can offer a high level of technical support for our product through one of the principals of the company, Dr. Chris Huppenbauer. Chris is pleased to have our novel microscopy as part of his portfolio and has the vision to see how it could be applied in the many labs where Nuhsbaum has been operating. He is looking forward to applying his extensive knowledge in biology and microscopy to assist customers with their applications.

To the south, Meyer Instruments are based out of Houston. Rob Meyer and his team have been serving the region since 1986. Having been a distributor for Leica for much of that time, they now are focused on a portfolio of microscopes and other specialist equipment, of which the Tomocube is the latest installment. Meyer will service Texas and the states immediately to the north and east. An enthusiastic microscopist, Rob also sees art in the images taken through microscopes and has a fine collection of old instruments and prints in his office on display when clients make conference calls. You can even buy prints from him.

Tomocube_Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging_Holotomography_Meyer staff
Rob and the team at Meyer Instruments
Tomocube_Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging_Holotomography_Nexus logo

Nexus Scientific will take on the east coast from Pennsylvania south as well as a region in the northwest. A relatively new company established in 2018, they have a small portfolio of specialist live cell imaging and cell research products. For imaging, they are particularly specializing in Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) and analysis, so they have quickly built expertise relevant to Tomocube. As a small but growing team, they are very responsive to customer needs and already have a customer fan base. We are looking forward to growing together with them.

Our roster of partners in the US and Canada now totals 6. They join our worldwide network of over 30 partners covering our home market of Korea plus the Asia Pacific and Europe. Details of partners in your area can be found on our website page Distributors, or you can contact us directly through our website or by email at [email protected]

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