Unleash the Full Potential of Holotomography


Discover TomoAnalysis, the ultimate software solution for refining, segmenting, quantifying, and analyzing for Holotomography.

The software offers core Analysis pipelines and provides a range of customizable features to address diverse user needs. Researchers can refine their multi-modal image data, extract meaningful measurements, and conduct in-depth quantitative analyses.

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3D Image

Correlative Analysis with Fluorescence


Versatile Applications

Lipid Droplet Quantification

Automated segmentation and quantification, providing insights into cellular lipid content with precision and efficiency

Cell Instance Segmentation

A streamlined workflow allows accurate and versatile 3D cell segmentation for quantitative measurement and monitoring

Fluorescence-based Analysis

Co-visualization and correlative data analysis of Holotomography and Fluorescence signal for in-depth and multi-modal insights to subcellular contents

Innovate the way we see life